We know that skin isn’t just something you live in, it’s something you live with. But, what if you could prevent flares before they happened for more normal flare-free skin for life?

We created MetaDerm because we believe that skin conditions are conditional and that you can only call it a treatment if it treats you well.

We believe more can be done to help and we are the ones to do it.


We personally know….

Our Founder and CEO, Mike Centola, PhD has lived with an autoimmune inflammatory disease for more than 30 years and has suffered at the hands of a broken system. It's why we've made it our mission to find a better way for skin condition sufferers. We are scientists with decades of clinical research experience, trained at the National Institutes of Health and Johns Hopkins, and we are going to change the medicated skin industry.

Today’s category is broken…

Flare up - treat the symptoms - ignore risk of side effects - avoid - repeat. This is the pharma industry cycle that most skin condition sufferers know. But a short term approach to a life-long challenge doesn’t work. Why do we accept ineffective products or the risks of scary side effects to treat the symptoms of a skin condition?


Treatments should treat you well…

No steroids, no dyes, no fragrances – just natural healing. MetaDerm heals skin and builds resistance to future flares using the natural anti-inflammatory power of a unique blend of 25 therapeutic botanical extracts. We've created a range of products you can use safely at home, every day, to clear psoriasis and help prevent future flares.

And, having a partner helps…

We built the MetaDerm Skin Health System to provide you hands-on coaching, support, and care. Together, we will unlock your skin’s natural healing power. So instead of using one-off items and continuing the trial and error cycle, please join us. At MetaDerm, we understand that skin care is a journey and we’re on it with you.



Dr. Michael Centola, Ph.D. - MetaDerm Co-Founder and CEO

Dr. Centola is an inflammatory disease expert with over 100 peer-reviewed publications, multiple patents and a breakthrough record of success at the National Institutes of Health. He also suffers from an autoimmune inflammatory disease and personally knows the struggle. Dr. Centola developed MetaDerm with a mission to create a new standard in evidence-based natural medicine and help skin condition sufferers realize a lifetime of flare-free skin.

Dr. Philip Alex, M.D., Ph.D -  MetaDerm Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Alex is a physician scientist who led pioneering clinical studies that unlocked key insights into disease mechanisms and developed novel therapies for multiple inflammatory diseases. He helped shape the evidence-based medicine program that resulted in MetaDerm. Dr. Alex strong desire to improve the lives of skin condition sufferers through cutting-edge clinical research is leading to game-changing natural skin therapies.

Dr. Christopher Sutton, Ph.D.

Dr. Sutton has 3 decades of experience in inflammatory disease clinical testing, drug development, and regulatory affairs. At MetaDerm, he leads the pharmaceutical-grade cGMP manufacturing facility that produces the proprietary herbal extract blend used in MetaDerm. Dr. Sutton has always had a passion for science and its ability to transform lives.

Dr. Patrick Dibb, Ph.D.

Dr. Dibb is a post-doctoral research scientist in MetaDerm’s evidenced-based natural medicine research program. He has long enjoyed finding new scientific connections and transforming them into real-world benefits. At MetaDerm, he studies the clinical potential of natural products, specifically anti-inflammatory agents derived from botanical ingredients, and is paving the way for new psoriasis treatments.


Liz Sutton – Customer Care & Coaching

“People want someone to care. And I do.” Liz has a deep passion to help those experiencing skin conditions and works tirelessly to help them improve their quality of life. She personally connects, closely listens and provides friendly coaching to help users find the right combination of products and habits to improve their skin health. She has helped countless psoriasis patients achieve life-changing results.