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Psoriasis Flares? Forget About 'Em.

Psoriasis Flares? Forget About 'Em.

Psoriasis flares often come out of nowhere. What’s the best way to treat, prevent and forget them? At MetaDerm®, we know that you can help prevent flares through ongoing, frequent treatment, but you have other options, too. Check out these tips to help make flares a thing of the past.

Know Your Triggers.

Just like there are many types of psoriasis, there are many types of triggers. And, triggers mean flares. Be aware of drastic changes in temperatures, potential times of super stress, and laundry products not meant for sensitive skin. Knowing your triggers can help you prevent the onset of unwanted symptoms.

Prevention Works.

If you want to get rid of flares, focus on promoting healthy skin all of the time. The MetaDerm® Skin Health System is a natural psoriasis treatment system that provides care for your skin without the worry of steroids or adverse side effects. Plus, we pair it with ongoing support and coaching. With frequent use, MetaDerm can help reduce the frequency and intensity of skin flares.

Life Is a Marathon.

Many over-the-counter steroids and prescription medications approach psoriasis with a short-term focus. This on-again, off-again treatment doesn’t do you or your skin any good. It misses the big picture. Long-term, continuous care is the best way to treat your psoriasis and set it up for future success. Keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. An easy way to maintain frequent care is by using a combination of the products provided in the MetaDerm Skin Health System subscription package at least twice a day. Check them out here.

By staying on top of your flares and understanding how your skin reacts to certain stimuli, you can not only treat outbreaks, but also prevent future ones. And, with MetaDerm by your side, you can do it all with ease.

What are your biggest triggers? How has MetaDerm helped you minimize skin flares? Let us know below. Your experiences can help others find freedom from their psoriasis.



What Does "Clinically Proven" Mean for MetaDerm®?

What Does "Clinically Proven" Mean for MetaDerm®?

The MetaDerm Skin Health System is a monthly skin care service designed to give you a lifetime of more normal, flare-free skin. Made with natural botanicals, our products are a great alternative to prescription psoriasis treatments and topical steroids. And, unlike other natural remedies, it’s clinically proven! But, what does clinically proven mean?

Through 12-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies, scientists found MetaDerm to significantly improve skin health with no adverse side effects (something most psoriasis medications can’t claim). In non-scientific language, that means that not only is MetaDerm made with nature, but our scalp spray and cream also have been proven by science to be safe and effective ways to treat your mild to severe psoriasis symptoms. Furthermore, our Heal & Prevent Cream has been recognized by the National Psoriasis Foundation as a great way to treat your psoriasis condition.

Have you tried the MetaDerm Skin Health System? We’d love to hear about your experience so we can help you continue to get the best for you and your skin. Share with us below

Summer Psoriasis Skin to Smile About

Summer Psoriasis Skin to Smile About

Most people can’t wait for some fun in the summer sun. But, when you’re 
living with psoriasis, more sun means short sleeves and visible skin. You might feel anxious about baring your skin for the world to see or embarrassed by signs of psoriasis. At MetaDerm®, we don’t want your skin to keep you from living your life. Here are some ways to stop hiding and start seeing your skin in a better light.

Keep Your Routine.

Even though you might experience fewer flares in the summer season, make sure to continue 
treating your psoriasis with the MetaDerm Skin Health System. Use it frequently (at least twice a day) to help keep your skin looking and feeling more normal. It’s an all-natural psoriasis treatment that is a safe,effective way to treat your symptoms. So, you can use as much as you want, as often as you like. Plus,it’s been proven to help improve your skin!

Conversations Are Key.

If you’re stressing about going to the beach or a backyard barbecue, tell someone you trust about how you are feeling. Whether you have psoriasis on your hands, face, scalp or whole body, letting others know your struggles can often lift a weight from your shoulders. We’re also available to chat if you 
need extra support. Just give us a call or shoot us an email!

Everyone’s Normal Is Different.

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day struggles of 
psoriasis. But, it’s important to remember that no one is normal. While we do strive for more normal looking and feeling skin, we also recognize that we each have something about ourselves that sets us apart from the crowd. Psoriasis is just more visible than we may like. Try to embrace what makes you different and the differences in others. Thisway of thinking can lead to increased self-confidence and a more empowered summer.
Summer is here! Take care of your skin, share your struggles and remember that you are not alone.Together, we can make this a truly great season. Are you ready for it?
Does your skin like the summer? How do you embrace the season? Share with us below.